Friday, June 20, 2008

I won't be around til next week

Angus has walking pneumonia, I've got friends in from out of town, trying to finish my WIP, and grading papers like mad. You won't see me around the blog-o-sphere til next week, which will hopefully help cure this maddening case of the stupids I have. I shall be marking google reader as "all read" until I get a grip on everything and then I shall be back. So don't forget me while I am gone and I shall see you in a week, I hope. But I will leave you with Youngest's latest attempt at negotiating.

This morning Angus is home sick. The walking pneumonia has given her a terrible headache, cough and diarrhea. But my friend's kids are also here and Youngest loves my friend's daughter. So this morning I'm trying to drop Oldest and Youngest to camp. Usually they love to go but today they are both malingering. They want to stay and hang out with the other kids, of course. Youngest being very resourceful keeps complaining of many different types of ailments.

"My head hurts, my tummy hurts, I have diarrhea, my eye hurts, I can't walk!" Youngest cries.

"You're going to camp, that's final!" I say.

"I have to go to the doctor, I'm sick, I need a shot!" (Unlike the older two, the girl is not afraid of shots!)

"You are not sick and you are going to camp!"

"I am sick and you don't care about me anymore!"

"Don't say that, honey."

"I'm going to run away and never come home!"

"No you can't"

"Yes I can!

"No you can't."

"Yes I can!"

"No you can't because you are sick."

"No I'm not!"

"Good, then you can go to camp."

"I mean I am!"

"Too late."

"I want Daddy!"


Charles Gramlich said...

What a trickster you are. I remember Josh trying to work up a cough one time when he didn't want to go to school. It was pathetic.

Hope you get ahead of the game soon and hoping Angus gets better quickly. That's no fun.

We'll be here when you return.

pjd said...

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Masterfully played. I imagine it is just about the ultimate frustration growing up as your child.

Demon Hunter said...

Ah, the expert lawyer at work. ;*)

Patti said...

i bow to your skill of the turn around. but know that each time you use one of your tricks, they learn and then go on to bigger ones themselves. kinda like the raptors in jurassic park testing the fence to find a weakness. it's only a matter of time.....

JaneyV said...

Scoooooore!!!! that's one for Ello.

Sometimes it's necessary, in life, to mark the Google reader as all read. see you when life is less hectic!
Hope poor Angus gets better soon.

Larramie said...

Did Da' Man save Youngest's day? ;)

The Quoibler said...

Oh, how I love the scheming that comes with being a parent. It's definitely a perk!

You have a productive time off, dammit! See you in about a week!


Stuart Neville said...

Hope Angus gets better soon. :)

Sarah Hina said...

I can't believe she'd rather get a shot than go to camp! That's some kid. Love the trap you set up for her...

I hope Angus feels better soon! And that you miss us terribly. ;)

March to the Sea said...

enjoy..i am off a lot next week too!

Robin S. said...

I freakin' love that Angus.

Catch your breath - and we'll see ya when ya get back.

laughingwolf said...

don't forget to poke your nose into the roasts, next week, if you can... likely not, so you will be missed there, too :(

inventive, all kids, no? ;) lol

cindy said...

aiyo! good luck, ello! hope all settles down soon and you get your head back! *hugs*

Bernita said...

Aw, Ello. Rains/pours.

Danette Haworth said...

Good luck on the WIP! Sounds like you've got your hands full right now!

moonrat said...

my mom was so gullible. she would have fallen for any or all of those in a minute.

feel better, Angus. and good luck on the WIP. go us!

SmartlikeStreetcar said...

You always make me laugh! Thanks!

Mary Witzl said...

Clever mother. I've tried similar strategies; both of my kids are accomplished malingerers.

Hope Angus gets better! And I hope you manage to get some rest and TLC yourself. It's tough taking care of sick kids.

Riss said...

Well done...have to give it to her for trying. (c:

Kappa no He said...

Hope Angus feels better soon and you get some rest too! See you soon.

jason evans said...

Wow, I hope Angus recovers quickly!! Be well, Ello.

SzélsőFa said...

A pneumonia is something to be cured for sure. Hope *Angus' gets well soon.
And yes, what a clever dialogoue! Wow.

But unfortunately, Patti is absolutely right.
This is co-evolution.

Sustenance Scout said...

Another stellar story, Ello! Love it. But yes, the whole rain/pours thing, as Bernita said. Take care, K.

Diesel said...

Duck season! Rabbit season! Duck Season!

Vesper said...

I'm sorry to hear about Angus, Ello. I hope she's feeling much better by now.
Don't worry, we won't forget you while you're gone! :-)

Lana Gramlich said...

SuuuUUUuuure...Now that I'm back you're gone. How conVEEEnient. ;) *LOL/kdn* Hang in there, hon. Best wishes to poor Angus! *hugs* Catch you on the return.

writtenwyrdd said...

Ilove that conversation. Heh, you are an evil smart mom.

Sarah Hina said...

I haven't laughed all week, Ello. And I'm blaming you. ;)

No, I really do hope everything has calmed down a little for your family. You have certainly been missed here!

Mom In Scrubs said...

Super cute!! Your kids rock.

Thanks for the laugh.

And I have made it through the flood - drop by soon! I've got pictures.

cindy said...

miss ya, girl!
hope all is well!
and happy weekend!!

Jennifer L. Griffith said...

Your kids continue to amaze me...I suppose after all this good strength training, you'll be well prepared for the tweens and teens!! We can hope, anyhow.

Mary Witzl said...

Eek, Ello, when I made that request yesterday, I had completely forgotten about Angus' walking pneumonia! I hope she's better -- and I hope you're hanging in there.

Ambera said...

ahaha! Busted. Nice one. I'm terrified of having kids, I doubt I'd ever be able to outsmart them.

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