Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Funny Things My Kids Say - Part 32

I took the girls to the mall and wouldn't you know it, right as we started shopping, they all had to go to the bathroom. So I take them to the public bathroom and they do their business and everyone is out washing their hands.

A young lady walked out of a toilet stall and stands at a sink next to Angus. Only she doesn't wash her hands. She peered at her face in the mirror, smoothed her hair and then turned to walk away. Angus, who is a bit OCD, is so startled she cried out "That girl didn't wash her hands!"

Youngest immediately shrieked "YUCK!!!" which is ironic because we are always yelling at her to wash her own hands with soap when she pulls the trick of merely wetting them.

The woman hadn't gotten to the door yet and so she turned around and stomped back to the sink to wash her hands.

She glared at Angus and said "That's very rude, you know."

Angus, who has been taught not to be rude, is a bit taken aback. "I'm sorry," she said politely. "But you didn't wash your hands and that's not just rude, that's disgusting."

I'm just leaning against the wall watching the whole interaction as I tried to keep Youngest from running amok. The woman walked past me and said snidely, "You need to teach your daughter manners."

I just raised my eyebrows and said, "Looks to me like she was the one reminding you of yours."

She glared at me again and walked away. Angus looked at me with big sad puppy eyes. "I didn't mean to be rude," she said. "I thought maybe she forgot to wash her hands is all."

"That's ok, honey," I said. "You're not in trouble with me."

She looked relieved and then pulled a disgusted face. "Mommy, she was touching her face and hair all over with her pee pee hands!"

"YUCK!" Youngest shouts out again. "And what if she did number 2?"

So ladies be warned, wash your hands or hear the wrath of Angus and Youngest.


Kelly said...

I'm so glad they spoke up! That IS gross! The lady should have been more embarrassed (or maybe she was taking out her embarrasment on them!).

Christina Farley said...

That is so obnoxious of that lady. I can't believe she even got angry at the kids.

Cheryl Kauffman said...

Good for your girls!

Charles Gramlich said...

"Pee hands" now there's an intersting term.

McKoala said...

Yuk. Hope her boyfriend runs his hands through her hair a lot. And that she likes to kiss his hands. Or is that too gross?

Danette said...

Haha! I'm sure this nasty woman will think twice about not washing her pee-pee/poopy hands.

What about people who sqeeze all the sandwich rolls in the case using their bare hands or slide Italian bread out of their sleeves, inspect it then decide they don't want it! Gross! You know they were just picking their noses or worse-- their butts! *Gag*

laughingwolf said...

yeah, a little soap n water never hurt anyone, not washing hurts many, since the door handle is touched by all who enter/leave!

Rebecca Knight said...

AHAHAHAHA, that's awesome :D.

I'm glad your kids are Hygene Police. For pete's sake, she probably touched all the stuff you were going to shop for!


Rena said...

LMAO! I'd love to go shopping with your girls sometime! ROFLMHO @ "pee pee hands"!!!

Kappa no He said...

Give Angus a big hug for me and tell her I always wash my hands. Love her!

Aniket said...

The streets are finally safe. Ello's girl are here for the rescue. :D :D :D

Am a big fan of Angus. :P
Can I get her autograph?

Vivian said...

LOL! Your girls are awesome and correct in every way.

Thank goodness for the future!

Mary Witzl said...

Angus could put a dent in a cholera epidemic, so good for her. The correct response of the woman caught out like that should have been, "Oops, you got me."

Hope Angus isn't around when I dry my hands on my jeans, though.

Lauren said...

I can't believe that she got mad at your kids. So gross that she didn't wash her hands. Good for your girls for reminding her of simple hygiene!

Larramiefg said...

What a great PSA!

Kate said...

Eww, that lady should have been ashamed. Well done to Angus, saving the streets from pee pee hands!

Colleen_Katana said...

Awesome, as always.

Colleen_Katana said...

Awesome, as always.

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