Monday, January 7, 2013

Another beautiful Kira!

The best kind of correspondence any author can get is an excited one from a young fan! I was elated to get this picture because this beautiful young girl is called Kira, just like my Kira from Prophecy. And just like my Kira, she is strong and smart and loyal and all around wonderful! Little Kira loved the illustration of my Kira by Natalie Whipple so much that she printed it out and made a beautiful frame for it. I hear it is going up on her wall next to her very well loved illustration of Cindy Pon's Ai Ling! This makes me so happy!

I saw this after a wonderful book launch (working on the post!) so it feels like I'm bursting with so many things to be happy about!

Thank you again to little Kira and her mother Monica who shared this photo with me! You guys have made this author extremely happy!

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