Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Heading to ALA Midwinter!

I've been invited to be part of the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association's annual author talk dinner this Saturday in Philadelphia. I'll be attending with the fabulous Soman Chainani who wrote one of my favorite fantasy books School For Good and Evil, as well as my wonderful former editor Phoebe Yeh, VP and Publisher of Crown Books for Young Readers, Random House. What's particularly exciting about this, besides being able to hang out with 2 of my favorite people in the world, is that I also get to see a whole lot of librarians.

I adore librarians! They made my life better.  I'm not kidding. Growing up, I spent most of my time in a library. And I always got wonderful help and support from public librarians who showed me the way to world after world of wonderful and magical stories. When you are poor, the library is a haven, a safe place to go and lose yourself. Or find yourself. I owe a lot to librarians and the public library and I'm pretty excited to be going to ALA and meeting not only APALA members, but librarians from all over the country.

So I'll be walking the floor of the convention on Sunday morning. If any librarians out there see me, please don't hesitate to say hi! I'd love to meet you!


Charles Gramlich said...

Excellent. Sounds like a great opportunity. Enjoy!

Jessie Humphries said...

A trip to Seattle sounds heavenly. (I think it's in Seattle). Wish I were there!

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