Saturday, April 26, 2014

My website is safe again!

Thanks to Alex who gave me the heads up about the virus on my website and to my amazing web designers, Denise and John Biondo, who worked really hard to clean it all up for me. is safe!


Fred Schafer said...

Wow, that's a close call. How did the virus get there in the first place? Good to see you were able to get rid of it quickly. It seems that other people weren't affected, so perhaps the time is ripe of get your website up and running again, so it can be seen by more people! Good luck!

Fred Schafer @ Reuben Marketing Services

Melissa Steele said...

Building an effective website can take some time and effort. So knowing that it has been infected by a virus is really disappointing. Thankfully, your friend noticed it and told you immediately. At least you were able to contact your web developers right away and do the necessary fix. Hopefully that's the last you'll hear of that.

Melissa Steele @ BizVolt

Steven said...

Having a virus on your website can be really uncomfortable. Sometimes people are completely unaware that their site is being used to pass malware on to others. Most of the bigger sites use a monitoring service to check their site regularly and ensure that nothing is on it that could harm their customers. Thanks to the person who let you know.

Steven @ Cambridge Local Marketing

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