Monday, January 19, 2009

Interview with Angus

Angus interview - take 1

Angus - Hi this is Angus. Except since some of you think I'm a boy, maybe you should call me Angus Star!

Oldest - That's because Angus is a boy's name!

Angus - Be quiet! This is my interview.

Youngest - How come she gets an interview and not us?

Angus - Because I'm the funny one, now pipe down pipsqueak!

Youngest - Mommy she called me a pipsqueak...

Angus interview - take 2

Oldest and Youngest are now on the computer playing a game.

Angus - I want to play too!

Me - After the interview...

Angus - I want to watch. (starts walking away)

Me - come back! You can play it when they're done. Let's get this over with...

Angus - I have to go the bathroom...

Angus interview - take 3

Me - People want to know what you eat

Angus - People want to know what I eat? All the people in the world? Really? Just me? I'm so important. Well I love noodles, lots and lots of noodles. I love Mommy's homemade steak cause it's really juicy and delicious. You know once I wrote about steak at school.

Me - What did you write?

Angus - Ummm, I forget, but it was something to do with how much I love steak and maybe I might have been a little complaining that you don't make it often enough. Also I love fruit a lot. I eat fruit all the time. Sometimes I eat too much fruit and it gives me a tummy ache.

Me - That's cause eating a lot of fruit makes you gassy.

Angus - (falls off the sofa and rolls around on the ground cracking up at the word gassy)

Me - Calm down and tell my readers something about yourself.

Angus - Like what?

Me - Anything, whatever you want.

Angus - Well..... I hate my boring fish! They are so boring! Well the snail is kind of cool and disgusting. But mostly they are boring. They don't do anything just poop and eat and swim around. Dogs are so much more interesting. They are so cute and cuddly! I want a dog. I want a dog so badly. I would do anything for a dog.

Me - (clearing my throat loudly)

Angus - Anyway, other things about me. Oh I know! After I eat a lot, I like to look at my belly and see it getting bigger and smaller. After I poo too. (devilish grin) You know what's weird about me? You know like if we are watching TV like Spongebob or something like that. Well I can smell them. It's hard to explain but I have a super sensitive nose so I know how TV characters smell like even though they are on TV.

Me - How do you do this?

Angus - It's a superpower! But it is really hard to explain but I can look at the character and I sniff and I can smell what they smell like. Like Patrick Star smells real weird. But I kind of like it. You wouldn't like it, Mommy.

Me - Why? What does it smell like?

Angus - Kind of like Doritos and a little gassy.


Angus - Sort of! Makes me hungry.

Me - What about Spongebob, what did he smell like?

Angus - I don't remember. I mostly remember what Patrick smells like. And Mr. Crabbs smells like money. And Kitara from Avatar smells great, like construction paper. But you have to admit, this is a cool superpower right?

Me - Ah, hmmmmmmmmmm. Errrr yeah. Ok so what do you want to say to my blog readers to wrap this up.

Angus - Roses are red, violets are blue. You smell really bad, but I still love you.

Me - Thanks a lot!

Angus - Your welcome. Don't forget to ask them if they like my poem. And if they don't, who cares, I don't like it either! (she laughs and runs off)

(I wish I had thought to tape this interview so you could hear her randomness in person. She is sooooooo funny and while this interview captures the essence of her, you can't hear her husky laugh or funny mannerisms. Next time, I'll have to tape her and do a podcast for you all.)


C.R. Evers said...

LOL! Viva la world of flatulence! Nothing is funnier!

JaneyV said...

I love the way her mind flits around. And is that some sort of olfactory synesthesia going on there? How cool would that be?
Thanks Angus for being such an entertaining interviewee. ;0)

McKoala said...

Ah, thank you for this glimpse into the Mind of Angus. It's been clear for some time that there's something very unusual going on in there...

Lena said...

LOL that was amazingly cute!
I think i love Angus :D

Anonymous said...

Such a great post.

Angus is so funny! :)

Slightly obsessed with the sense of smell, but in a good way. I don't think I'd want to have that superpower she has. I watch a lot of sports and I think some things are better left unsmelled.

Larramie said...

Brilliant idea -- a podcast --, allowing us to hear the true essence of Angus Star.

Melissa Amateis said...

I LOVE that she can "smell" t.v. characters! And it only figures that Patrick would smell bad...hahaha!

Charles Gramlich said...

Very fun interview. My stomach grows when I eat too.

preTzel said...

I like to "smell" Patrick Star too but I smell goodness and rainbows. :)

She's funny. Having all boys I totally get her laughing at "gassy". She has a wonderful sense of humor.

Mary Witzl said...

I was a big fan of my own physiology when I was her age too. Do tell her that her sense of smell will get even stronger as she gets older...

Kelly Polark said...

Angus is hilarious. Get that girl a dog! :0)

laughingwolf said...

hey angus star, you're a really neat kid!

i bet both your parents are proud of you :)

el, i guess you won't be videotaping her, but that would be neat, too :D

Joy Wizziwa said...

Perfection. Hmmm...keen sense of smell. Genetics...Angus just channels in a "savvy" like way. ;)

Stuart Neville said...

Tell Angus I'm onto her little secret - that she's really the lead guitarist with the Australian heavy rock band AC/DC. This audio clip proves it.

Akasha Savage. said...

How cool!...she can smell TV characters!! Bless. :D

Lana Gramlich said...

I agree about the fish. I understand that they can be very peaceful to watch, but you might as well have a DVD of a fish tank--at least you wouldn't have a tank to clean on a regular basis, no toys, plants, filters or food to buy. Unfortunately my ingenious invention "video fish" had already been invented.
I'll take an interactive pet anyday!

Travis Erwin said...

A girl who like steak is a friend of mine.

Barrie said...

She is quite the character! Very fun!

Kimbra Kasch said...

Oh I would love to listen to a podcast of that little diabolical gremlin. She's hilarious.

Chris Eldin said...

AHAHAHAH!With all that creativity, she's a born arteest!!

Aine said...

Wow! I've finally found my way back to blogland and I discover that you've moved! Great new place, Ello!

I had the same thought as Janey-- Angus seems to have an olfactory synesthesia. So cool!!

I'm off to update your link... I hope revisions are going well!

Steve Malley said...



writtenwyrdd said...

Funny kid! :)

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