Friday, January 27, 2012

Truth or Dare!!!


Over at the Friday the Thirteeners blog we are now having a call for truths or dares for little ole me. So if any of you would like to embarrass, torture, or otherwise have great fun at my expense, just mosey on over to this page and leave me a truth or dare. Put down that it's for me and if I pick yours to do, then you will win a prize. You can choose from a 13 page crit, a $13 gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Nobles, or I might be persuaded to part with an ARC from my ARC collection. 

Today at the Thirteeners, April was challenged to talk about sex, and boy does she rise to the occasion!

So speak now or forever hold your truth or dares!!

I can't wait to see what you guys might cook up for me. Hmmm or maybe I can wait. Maybe I should be scared, very scared!!

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