Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Win an ARC of Marie Lu's Legend!

Due to being sick as a dog all weekend and unable to promote the contest, I'm going to extend this out til Friday December 2nd. Thanks!

Legend (Legend, #1)Marie Lu

I didn't really want to give away my copy of the Legend ARC. NO I DIDN'T! I wanted to be completely selfish and keep it for myself and croon over it, calling it my precious. But then again, I'm a big fan and supporter of Marie's and I know how a good ARC contest can really help spread the word on a good book. So in the name of friendship, I am holding this contest for one lucky winner.

BTW - Marie shared with me her sketches of Day and June, the main characters of Legend. I just love getting a chance to see exactly what an author was envisioning when they created their story! I know that when the movie comes out (yes, movie rights have been optioned!!), they won't look like this, but it is still cool to see into the author's mind.

Ok so the contest rules are easy. First, check out the interview I did with Marie over at the Enchanted Inkpot. Second, spread the word, in whatever form you desire - smoke signals and morse code are acceptable only if at least one other new person, under the age of 85, was successfully reached by this method. Third, leave me a comment here to enter you into the drawing. Fourth, upload a Youtube video of yourself spelling your name out with your butt - in cursive.

Ok, so I might be kidding about one of these rules.

This contest is open internationally - and I mean it. In the past, I have had winners from South Africa and the Philippines. And if I get over 100 entries, I'll randomly select a second winner and send them a brand new copy of Legend, when it comes out next week. If we get to a second winner, the only change up in the rules on that one will be that you must be a blog or twitter follower to be entered.

And if this one goes well, I may be tempted to hold some more ARC contests for some really exciting new books coming out next year. The kind of books I happen to know many of you are salivating like rabid dogs over. We'll see how generous I feel during the holidays. Will you see Santa Ello or Grinch Ello? Only time, and what Da Man gets me for Christmas, will answer this important question.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Not really.

The truth is I'm trying my damndest to finish up my first draft of Book 2. Am loving it and hating it. I think I'm writing some of the most amazing and exciting stuff and yet I also think it is utter crap. It's one of those things where you pat one side of your face while slapping the other side silly.

Why no, sir, I'm not insane.

Well perhaps temporarily.

To top it off, I have misplaced my brain somewhere and I can't seem to find it. It's not a good time to lose my mind what with holidays coming up and deadlines and visitors and lions and tigers and bears Oh My Swollen Left Buttock! I don't know why I just said that. Matters are clearly disintegrating rapidly.

I don't know how I will survive. But I'll tell you one thing that helps me pull through. The utter cuteness of my kids.

Youngest came up to me tonight and said, "Mommy, I'll make you feel better by putting on a puppet show. Meet Origami Yoda Oh and Darth Vader Oh. They will now proceed to fight for your entertainment."

Seriously, there's no greater medicine in the world to lift up your spirits.

Now what was I looking for again?

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