Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another Trip to HarperCollins!

Last week I went up for a quick 2 day trip to see my folks and meet with my editor and the HarperCollins Children's Marketing team. I walked into a room full of really smart, attractive, friendly and enthusiastic women and they made me feel so welcome and so special. Now I'm sure they make all their authors feel special, but I have to tell you - I was feeling the love in that room. Course it might have been more for the tub of chocolate/caramel Moose Munch popcorn I'd brought, but I'm gonna say it was a whole lot of enthusiastic Prophecy love!

I've always known and been so very happy that my editor, Phoebe, and her amazing right-hand person, Jess, are so strongly behind my book. But going into a marketing meeting and hearing their enthusiasm too, well hey, an author just doesn't get any happier.

Things are going to start happening. I've got a cover reveal coming in June, galleys may be out later this summer, and I'll have a launch date for when you will be able to buy my book. Ooooooh, I just got such a shiver typing that last sentence. To think that my book is going to be out soon and that people can buy it and borrow it and read it. Wow. It's just an amazing feeling.

I was so overwhelmed by the whole meeting that I totally forgot to snap a picture with the marketing team! But all I can say is thanks to Emilie, Jenna, Stef, Molly and Olivia for making my trip to HarperCollins something special! And thanks to my art team, Amy and Joel who talked to me about the process of coming up with my awesome book cover, which will make a great blog post in June, btw.

And always, a very special thanks to editorial team, Phoebe and Jess who have always made me feel like I've written something great. This time I got pictures! And this time they aren't blurry (well maybe one, just a little...)

 This is Phoebe and Jess!
 Me with Phoebe and Jess in Phoebe's office.

Afterward, I met with my awesome agent, Joe, who was sporting a great hat! But of course by this time my brain was fried so I forgot to snap a photo! However, we met in Koreatown and talked about lots of things including Diverse Energies, my first anthology, which is coming out this September from Tu Books. Joe's the editor along with Tobias Buckell and some amazing authors are in it. I'm kind of shocked that I'm in it, to tell you the truth. I feel so very honored. It's up on Goodreads here so please feel free to add it because it is going to be a great read. And I would love for you all to read my story and let me know what you think.

Lastly, here's a pic of the view from my parent's apartment on Riverside. I really do envy this view. They are so lucky! They even had fireworks that night. It kind of made my whole trip up to NYC just an amazing time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DUALED Cover Reveal!

My buddy Elsie Chapman over at Friday the Thirteeners has just revealed her new cover and I love it! And let me tell you, this book is killer good!

I can't get over how cool the cover is and how cool the tagline is also!

It's a particularly exciting feeling to see the cover of a friend's book. There's almost a proprietary feeling that you get to be able to say "Hey, that's Elsie's book!" And it is particularly gratifying when the cover is as good as the story inside. I did a post over at the Friday the Thirteeners blog also because it is our first Thirteeners cover reveal and that was just thrilling. It's going to be so amazing to see the sidebar of covers getting revealed as the year passes. And I'm happy to say that it will not be much longer until you all will get to see the cover for Prophecy. It's coming soon!

But for now - go add Dualed to your must read pile! Cause that's what it is!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cool Book TRailer

I am not here. I am deep in the revising cave. So I'm sending out this cool book video for you all to enjoy while I am suffering, I mean revising.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Revision Hole

I'm buried down deep in my revision cave and Da Man has me well supplied with snacks, diet coke, and chocolate. Mostly this is a survival mechanism for him. I gnash my teeth and act very ugly when I don't have my precious... chocolate.

Since I'm on deadline, posting may be sporadic and/or possibly nonexistent for the month of May. But I wanted to share some links today of other places you really should go and check out. Because clearly I did, and I'm under deadline!

To start things off, I want to share a Book 2 Blues post by the amazing agent Sarah Davies. I read it for obvious reasons.

Next I want to send you to  Zoe Marriott's post on bloggers and authors and all the nasty internet drama that has been going on. It is a very entertaining and informative read so check it out and let me know where you stand on all the drama.

My ninja buddy Mike has gotten his ARCs!!!! So go congratulate him and check out Mike Jung's post on The Curious Phenomenon of Evolving Self-Perception.

The Enchanted Inkpot is doing it's famous cover post again.

Which reminds me of the fantastic Stacked post on cover trends that also happened to mention my post in it.

Lastly, I don't think I ever shared with you guys my shamefully embarrassing post which I put up on the Friday the Thirteeners blog.

There you have it! Don't miss me too much.

In the words of that delightfully droll and witty  Terminator...

I'll be back.

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