Saturday, September 26, 2009


Finished my revisions and sent them in to my agent!!!!

WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Happy Dance! Do the Hustle! It's my birthday!

So how do I celebrate? By drooling over the most beautiful man in the world, Mr. Daniel Hunky Henney. God he's beautiful. As I drooled all over my laptop the girls came over to see what Mom was fussing about and this is what they said.

Oldest - Control yourself, you're married.

Angus - He's not beautiful, Daddy is more beautiful. (Da Man, who has had the flu for 2 days and has been the biggest baby, walks by with a dazzling display of bed head at the moment.)

Youngest - Mommy, boys can't be beautiful. They're only handsome. Girls are beautiful.

Oldest - Stop drooling, you're grossing me out...

It's ok Daniel, no matter what my kids say, you're beautiful to me.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Having an Interjection for a Name

Recent phone call with credit card company.

Me - Hi, I need to check on a recent transaction on my credit card.

Rep - Can I have your Name?

Me - Ellen Oh

Rep - what?

Me - Just Oh.

Rep - You mean the letter O?

Me - No, it's spelled OH.

Rep - Ohhhhhhh! Ha ha!

Me - That was my maiden name.

Rep - Huh?

Me - No Ha. Ha was my maiden name.

Rep - You're shitting me.

Me - Look on my statement.

Rep - You're not shitting me. It says Ellen Ha-Oh.

Me - Yeah, hyphenating it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life time. People don't know what to do with hyphenated interjections.

Rep - (Silence. Giggles. Horse laugh.) I'm so sorry, but you just made my night.

Me (sarcastic) - Oh good.

Rep - Oh yes.

Me - Uh huh....

Rep - You mean 'Oh huh.'

Me - I think that's enough with the Oh cracks.

Rep - Oh K.

Me - Oh my God!

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