Monday, September 14, 2009

Having an Interjection for a Name

Recent phone call with credit card company.

Me - Hi, I need to check on a recent transaction on my credit card.

Rep - Can I have your Name?

Me - Ellen Oh

Rep - what?

Me - Just Oh.

Rep - You mean the letter O?

Me - No, it's spelled OH.

Rep - Ohhhhhhh! Ha ha!

Me - That was my maiden name.

Rep - Huh?

Me - No Ha. Ha was my maiden name.

Rep - You're shitting me.

Me - Look on my statement.

Rep - You're not shitting me. It says Ellen Ha-Oh.

Me - Yeah, hyphenating it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life time. People don't know what to do with hyphenated interjections.

Rep - (Silence. Giggles. Horse laugh.) I'm so sorry, but you just made my night.

Me (sarcastic) - Oh good.

Rep - Oh yes.

Me - Uh huh....

Rep - You mean 'Oh huh.'

Me - I think that's enough with the Oh cracks.

Rep - Oh K.

Me - Oh my God!


Aniket Thakkar said...

Oh you made my day for sure! :P *more horse laughs*

Well he seems like a nice guy to have chat with, doesn't he? *sheepish grin*

I for one think last name shouldn't be necessarily passed on to kids. Am not too fond of mine too.

But Ello is such a cute name. Ellen Oh goes really well too. *maintains silence about Ellen Ha-Oh*

In fact I like the name Ello so much that if I ever have a daughter I might just name her Ello! Am serious! And if I choose to pass on my last name (Thakkar), which am still considering) then she'll be E.T. Now that'll be cool! :P

JKB said...

Oh (HEE!)



I just laughed fit enough to bust a gut. Ellen, you made my night. :-))))

Cheryl Kauffman said...


Christina Farley said...

As a preschool teacher, I can appreciate O jokes. I use them whenever we study the letter O. So this made me laugh.

Steve Malley said...

Ell 'Oh' Ell!

Chris Eldin said...

AHAHAHAHAH! That was too funny!!!
You have something organically memorable to add to your author's bio. Use it! It's way cool!!

Aine said...

That was the best credit card company call I've ever heard/read! You mean those voices are actually real people who can think and make jokes?? (just kidding)

Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Polark said...

Ha! Oh! What a conversation! ;)
Well, it is nice to know that all credit card customer service people aren't cranky buzzards!

Charles Gramlich said...

Well, you kinda asked for that one, I"m afraid. :)

Kimbra Kasch said...

Truth is always stranger than fiction.

moonrat said...

"ha" "ha" "ha"

pacatrue said...

하 and 오?

Yes, I'm practicing my writing....

Larissa said...

Oh, my. That is just too funny.

Thanks for the laugh, Ello!

Unknown said...

*prays this shows up on*


Whirlochre said...

Ellen Oh has a nice ring to it — like an avian space detective hellbent on cleaning up the universe.

But that doesn't wash with the credit card people, does it?

Vivian Mahoney said...

Man. I hope the rep gave you all the info you needed plus great rates and good deals. You deserve it! Great story!

Carrie Harris said...

I'm sorry. I shouldn't be laughing. But I am.

Angela Williams Duea said...


It sounds like much more fun than my maiden name of "Williams".

laughingwolf said...

holy crap!

C.R. Evers said...

LOL! That's better than abbot and costello! :0)

Lana Gramlich said...

I worked at call centers from time to time & some of the names were just TOO much. Thanks for sharing your story.

Mary Witzl said...

You really DO have a great name: a person would have to be totally poker-faced not to comment on it. And think how lucky you are that your name is Oh and not Wojciechowicz.

My husband once worked as a delivery boy. He asked a kid at one house to sign for a package, and the kid wrote down 'Robert DeNiro'. My husband went back and gave him a hard time and the kid went to get his passport. Upon which was clearly written 'Robert DeNiro'.

Tyhitia Green said...

LOLOLOL. Ellen, say it ain't so. You asked for that one. LMAO. :-D

Kappa no He said...

Oh (oops), isn't it lovely to make someone's day? I guess it's better than those snotty people you get on the phone sometimes.

Anonymous said...


I'm amazed you were able to speak to a real, human Earthling. I didn't know they still had people on the end of those calls, ones with real personalities even.

Kate said...

Thanks for the great big belly laugh!

writtenwyrdd said...

My best friend in jr and high school had the last name Ow. People used to pinch her, she'd yelp "Ow!" and they'd say, "Oh, you know your name." Very not-funny.

But your post made me laugh. Hopefully you don't get that too frequently.

Nandini said...

Oh. My. God. This is too funny!! I think Alistair Oh (The Korean uncle in 39 Clues) is making your name famous in middle schools though, so maybe your kids will have an easier time of it!

Unknown said...

ROTFL! Brilliant!

Laurel said...

I thought mine was bad. My married last name sounds like "Spots." My husband is in dermatology.

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