Friday, December 16, 2011

Big Fat Dummy

I love tennis. It is my all time favorite sport. I play every week with a bunch of hard-playing, competitive tennis players. Tennis can be a bit dangerous. I've gotten hit in the face and numerous other parts of my body on many occasions with a ball or racquet. But this week, I win the award for the biggest dumbass move of the year.

I went to hit a hard forehand, but after smashing the ball, my racquet naturally swings forward and up. Unfortunately, my left hand was in the way and I hit my left hand with my own racquet. The pain was intense but I continued to play and me and my partner won the set in tie-breaker 7-2. My hand hurts but I think it is just a sprain and go home and ice it. Because the pain doesn't subside, I practically wear an ice bag on my hand for the rest of the day. The next day it swells up into a black grapefruit. Strange really. I hit the inside of my hand, but it is the outside that swells and turns black. When the pain gets excruciating, I finally go to the doctor who apparently can tell just by looking at it that I have broken my hand. X-rays confirm his diagnosis. I have broken the outside bone under my pinkie joint.

Only I am a dumb enough to break my own hand with my own racquet. How sad is that?

Fortunately, I only need to be in a cast for 3 weeks and the cast is waterproof so I can still shower and he even said I could still play tennis if I want - although I can't cook or clean or do dishes or laundry or fold clothes ... etc. HA HA! I mean woe is me.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Asian hairstyle tutorial

My nephew shared this video with me. It was too funny not to share with y'all.

Friday, December 2, 2011


And the winner of the LEGEND ARC is...

Anna Staniszewski!!!!!

Yay! Anna!

Course I have to take this moment to mention that Anna has a book that just came out recently called My Very Unfairytale Life. How cool is that title? And just take a look at her fabulous cover! Don't you just want to hug this book?  To learn more about her book, click here.

So not only do I get to announce a winner, I get to tell you about another great book to add to your list of perfect books for the holiday season. Congratulations Anna on winning and most importantly on your book!!

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