Friday, December 16, 2011

Big Fat Dummy

I love tennis. It is my all time favorite sport. I play every week with a bunch of hard-playing, competitive tennis players. Tennis can be a bit dangerous. I've gotten hit in the face and numerous other parts of my body on many occasions with a ball or racquet. But this week, I win the award for the biggest dumbass move of the year.

I went to hit a hard forehand, but after smashing the ball, my racquet naturally swings forward and up. Unfortunately, my left hand was in the way and I hit my left hand with my own racquet. The pain was intense but I continued to play and me and my partner won the set in tie-breaker 7-2. My hand hurts but I think it is just a sprain and go home and ice it. Because the pain doesn't subside, I practically wear an ice bag on my hand for the rest of the day. The next day it swells up into a black grapefruit. Strange really. I hit the inside of my hand, but it is the outside that swells and turns black. When the pain gets excruciating, I finally go to the doctor who apparently can tell just by looking at it that I have broken my hand. X-rays confirm his diagnosis. I have broken the outside bone under my pinkie joint.

Only I am a dumb enough to break my own hand with my own racquet. How sad is that?

Fortunately, I only need to be in a cast for 3 weeks and the cast is waterproof so I can still shower and he even said I could still play tennis if I want - although I can't cook or clean or do dishes or laundry or fold clothes ... etc. HA HA! I mean woe is me.


Angie said...

So of course you're going to be back playing tennis? :D

When I was about 10, I was in San Francisco with an aunt, in Union Square, and there was a kid a few years older zipping around doing tricks on a skateboard. Both forearms were in casts. Someone asked him how he broke his arms, and he nonchalantly said he'd fallen off his skateboard, before zooming off to jump over a bench or something. He was a badass, and I'm sure you are too. :)

I've only ever broken a bone once, and the pain sucks. Hope you feel better soon, so you can get on with badassing your way around the tennis court again with your cast. [grin/hug]


Charles Gramlich said...

Ouch! I hope you heal quickly.

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

Hey Angie! I love that! I'm not a dumbass, I'm a badass!!! Sounds much better!

Thanks Charles!!!

Heather Kelly said...

I wish that you hadn't written this in such a funny way--I'm trying SO HARD not to laugh.

So sorry you broke your hand, with your own racket.

Most importantly, can you still type?!

Jaye Robin Brown said...

Purple is pretty - right?

Heal quickly.

C.R. Evers said...

oh no!!!!!

I hope you're hand feels better soon, (but I hope you can keep faking it so everyone else still has too cook and clean for you) :0)

Nora MacFarlane said...

Oh, Ellen! Ouch! No cooking, cleaning, dishes or laundry for three weeks? Tough prescription. ;) Feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Breaking your hand with your own tennis racket comes in a distant 7th on the list of Top Ten Dumb Ways To Break a Bone. So don't feel too bad.

I think you need to draft one (or more) of your kids to type your edits for you. Tell them you'll put their names in a extra big font in the Acknowledgements if they help. ;)

Kelly Hashway said...

I love tennis and I've injured myself numerous times. In high school I used to make my coach cringe because I got hurt every match. I'm not even kidding. One match, I went down on my bad knee on the first point. Oops! I still won though and that's what really counts, right? ;)

I hope you hand heals quickly!

Tyhitia Green said...

Okay, I'm late, but awww, Ellen. I hope you feel better. And take your time getting back to those ;-)

Aniket Thakkar said...

That still doesn't beat my dumbassness of hitting MY head with MY nunchucks. Those things are NOT to be played with. Bruce Lee, respect.

That said, I won't try to steal you thunder. Get well soon. I'm sure Da'Man is taking great care of you.

Happy New (rest of the) year.

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