Thursday, November 10, 2011


Not really.

The truth is I'm trying my damndest to finish up my first draft of Book 2. Am loving it and hating it. I think I'm writing some of the most amazing and exciting stuff and yet I also think it is utter crap. It's one of those things where you pat one side of your face while slapping the other side silly.

Why no, sir, I'm not insane.

Well perhaps temporarily.

To top it off, I have misplaced my brain somewhere and I can't seem to find it. It's not a good time to lose my mind what with holidays coming up and deadlines and visitors and lions and tigers and bears Oh My Swollen Left Buttock! I don't know why I just said that. Matters are clearly disintegrating rapidly.

I don't know how I will survive. But I'll tell you one thing that helps me pull through. The utter cuteness of my kids.

Youngest came up to me tonight and said, "Mommy, I'll make you feel better by putting on a puppet show. Meet Origami Yoda Oh and Darth Vader Oh. They will now proceed to fight for your entertainment."

Seriously, there's no greater medicine in the world to lift up your spirits.

Now what was I looking for again?


Kelly Polark said...

Awww. Adorable! We just bought the Darth Paper book and the kids made the origami Darth too. Love it!!

moonrat said...

rar! i'm not writing a book at the moment but i definitely feel your pain!! deadlines ahoy!

Youngest is awesome.

Charles Gramlich said...

lol. I hope the writing keeps flowing.

Sam said...

Hey, your kid is a good folder! Getting the double-sided paper to work out right is extra tricky and not mentioned in the book's instructions!

Congratulations on your books!

May the BOOKS be with you!

Sam said...

BTW, it called me Sam. But I am actually Tom Angleberger...

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

hello everyone! So good to see you all!

Kelly - my kids love the books - especially Youngest, as you can tell.

Moonie - chatting time!!

Charles - thanks and you too!!

Sam - If you really are Mr. Angleberger, you would make my kids unbelievably happy to have popped by. Me too.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you're hitting the sweet spot with book 2. You should be taking enough risks that you're a little nervous about your story, right?

Oh, and I found your brain in my vacuum cleaner canister after I vacuumed under the couch. I'll brush the dust bunnies off and mail it back to you ASAP.

Cuteness. It trumps stress every time. And thank God for that.

Kimbra Kasch said...

YIPEE!!! I've missed you and now I know part of the was that youngest. She is so darned cute with her finger puppets of evil and good :)

Kiki Hamilton said...

Welcome back! and congrats on book 2 going so well! That is about the most darling girl I've ever seen! you'll be fine!!

Anna Staniszewski said...

Love the puppets! Good luck with Book 2--you can do it!

Richard Levangie said...

Go Ellen! I have faith.

Froglivers said...

Dear Ell_oh,

This is the recent-est, non-contest, post I could find, so I hope it's not out of place.

But I just wanted to say in passing, very late, and having stalked your blog, that I am so happy for you that your book/series Prophecy is coming out.

I hope this doesn't weird you out -- but I was on the BlueBoards in 2007-8, trying to write, and I remembered you from there, then, as you were writing on ancient Korea, hoping you'd make it, worried the "mainstream" was too against it, and voila! you persevered and made it.

So, congratulations, really really really. I'm wishing you well in the crowd, as I'm guessing a lot of folks are, people who wanted to see ancient Korea, which is so much fun, go "mainstream," thanks to talent like yours.

Anyway, I found out late, but I wanted to say, Go You! Wha-i-ting!

playbazaar said...

Satta king
this is brilliant

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