Friday, September 19, 2008

Help an Ello out

Thanks to everyone for all your wonderful comments. I was once again overwhelmed by the amazing support and caring of our wonderful blogging community!

Now I have lots to do! Finish grading papers, revise my manuscript for my Dream Agent (see how I snuck that in? it sounds so good!), set up a website, and all the other life's essentials that pile onto our days. So I will be really busy! But one thing I need to consider is changing the title of my blog. Random Acts of Unkindness was always a sarcastic title that I put up when I first started blogging. But now that I am a serious writer (who snickered?) I need to reconsider my web presence and think about changing the title. Right now the only title that I can come up with is "Hello Ello" or "Ello There" or "You had me at Ello." (Who groaned?) So let's have a little contest here. Feel free to leave me your suggestion for a brand new title for my blog. Something fun but not over the top. Something cute but not too cutesy. Something creative but not too artsy fartsy. Feel free to vote for a blog title if you aren't creative enough yourself. The winning title will receive a nice gift from me. That includes me. I get to buy myself a nice gift if I pick my own title. Hear that Da Man? Be warned. It may be sparkly. (For me only! If someone else wins, no sparklies for you!)

So come on everyone, impress me with some great blog titles!!!


Anonymous said...

" 'ello Ello "
(though perhaps not everyone would get the cockney or French take on 'ello...???)

Huge, huge congratulations. So well deserved, so very pleased for you. Now can you please just pass on the tips!!! :-)
Such brilliant news!

Anonymous said...

I was soooo excited for you!!!

How 'bout this:
Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye,

"I say Ello"

Who doesn't love the Beatles?

Anonymous said...

Or, how 'bout

"Mello Ello"


Anonymous said...

Well, you might need to think about your web presence even more. Are you actually prepping this as an official author site, such that when your YA readers want to go find out more about the author of their favorite book, they end up here? Or will you create an for the official presence? If the latter, do you even want this place to be tied much to the formal one? Etc.

Anonymous said...

Apropos Ello!

After that I go stuck and looked up a rhyming dictionary which helpfully came up with Menstrual Flow. Doesn't work on every level though does it - or indeed, on any level…

The following isn't a suggestion but I thought I'd throw it in as a bit of trivia (WAKE UP!). In the Irish language stories often begin with the phrase "Fadó, fadó" (pronounced fod-oh, fod-oh) which translates as 'a long time ago' or 'Once upon a time' it is how the Seanchaí (or Storyteller because Irish folk tales were passed on in an oral tradition) would call for quiet and let the masses know that a story was about to begin…

Ello…Fadó, Fadó

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I like Hello Ello...but I'm not the one anyone should turn to for titles. Honestly. I'm horrid.

Anonymous said...

Huge huge huge congrats!!! I guess we're in this together!

Anonymous said...

I'm with paca on this...especially since I'm just guessing "Ello" won't be your official author name.

Apropos of almost nothing, I'm going to suggest: The Siren Speaks

Siren having so many layered meanings and all.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Ello!! I've been slogging through a couple of tough weeks. Sorry that I missed the initial excitement.

It's wonderful to see you successes.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Or "What the Ello?"

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I am definitely working on a separate author website. I think what I would ideally like to do is keep this blog - which I love and have it link to the author website - but the author website would not link back to this blog, since some of my materials are not kid friendly. I would keep this blog Ello and make the author website - Ellen Oh. So those are my thoughts. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

"they call me mellow ello"

Anonymous said...

You know, I think you can actually keep it just as it is... kids googling you will likely find it anyway, you've mentioned your name in blog and comments so it's liable to come up, but they'll find the web presence first and you can update kid friendly info. there.

That's my two cents, at the risk of losing claim to anything sparkly:-)

Anonymous said...

I like 'Hello Ello' and 'You had me at Ello' but I guess I'll play along. How about"

Ello Menno Pee

Anonymous said...

There was a great BBC comedy called " 'Allo 'Allo." Don't ask me why I thought of that at this moment.

I like "You Had Me At Ello." *grin*

Anonymous said...

Now I'm confused. Are we renaming THIS blog, as your non-author presence, or naming your author blog?

And what's wrong with

Anonymous said...

How about Ello-L (or LOL)-- since that's what I often find myself doing while visiting your blog...

But I agree with having the separate author site with links in one direction.

Anonymous said...

"Not jiggly like Jello, Ello"

hey, they only other thing i have are farts jokes....

Anonymous said...

I agree with one way link and for author blog title, I suggest following:

Serious Titles

More thought invoking title

Cute Title
"ElloKitty" (but could pose legal issues)

Random Title

Best Title
"Da' Man"

Da' Man

Anonymous said...

I sort of like the Beatles idea. Though it's kinda long. Hum, I'll give it some thought.

Anonymous said... I the only one who reads that blogspot address as:

You Had Meat Ello?

Anonymous said...

The Ello Submarine?

I can't resist a good Beatles reference.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Precie. Come to think of it, Precie, it does sound like that.:-)

Congratulations, Ello!! I didn't realize that you had an agent. I haven't had the chance to visit blogs this week, but I'll go read about it at Moonie's place. :-)

As for a name, hmmm. How about, "Ello's World." I like it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog name as is. Why do you need to change it?

Anonymous said...

A title for your blog? And you're now a "serious" writer? Honey - we all took your serious ever since we started reading you. :D


'ello Mate

Mighty Ello and Her Pen

Ello's Journal

Ello is Mightier Than The Sword

Ello's Words

And that's what I've come up with.

Anonymous said...

o ellno ello

haha! that's not any better
for being "safe" maybe. hee!

Anonymous said...

And I was just thinking of how you would have to change this title and build a website.

Now, since you're writing YA, it's doubtful those readers would get "You Had Me at Ello," though I do like it. What about "Ello Here," instead of "Ello There?" It's easy to remember, upbeat and friendly.

Anonymous said...

A HUGE congats on your agent - woo-hoo! Late to the party here, but very happy for your well-deserved accomplishment. No ideas on blog titles - I rather like the snarkiness of your current title - but I'll think on it. Peace, Linda

Anonymous said...

The Beatles suck (yes, imagine that, not everyone loves the Beatles.)
Personally I like what you've proposed already; "Ello There."

Anonymous said...

i do like you had me at ello.
also, suggestion. i'd get a blogsite under your writing name (assuming you'll use blogger for set up) and you can title it whatever you want.
like i use "cindypon.blogspot" and call it a little sweet...

this it, it pulls up easy on search engines. i'm sure it'd pull up anyway, but i think it's a good set up!


Anonymous said...

Ello, Me Pretties...

Or maybe, Ello Fever. (Just watching a New Orleans doco!)

Many congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

to ellen gone...? nah!

grats again on the find!

for the official site, i'm like some others, go with, or a variation thereof

Anonymous said...

Hello:) First time visiting your blog and I must say I love your wonderful blog!!! You're so talented! I will definitely come back.
ps - I love the fact that we use layouts from the cutest blog on the block :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just started writing what came to my mind. I know, it's a bit revealing, but hey!

Ello's Tid-Bits
Oh, Ello

Anonymous said...

You definitely need to keep this site, and if it's untied to your other site, it may be it can stay just as it is.

However, frivolity consumes me...

Ello's Umberelloes
Ello's Melodies
For She's A Jolly Good Ello
Ello's Bellows
A Cappello

Whatever happens — it's all good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Belated Congratulations! I loved how you snuck it in!

I like many of the names proposed below, but I also really like Random Acts of Unkindness (especially since you're anything but... thanks so much for the kind words at SLS!).

But... the only thing I can think of — and it might be in the comments, and I didn't see it — is:


Anonymous said...

i like 'you had me at ello' :D

Anonymous said...

How about: 'A bit of this and that'

Anonymous said...

to ellen back :O lol

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