Thursday, December 11, 2008


I've been trying to get my name blogspot but squatters have control over it and apparently can't do anything about it! The closest I could get to a new blogger address is but then blogger classified it as spam and locked it up for a very long time! I only just got it back and now, finally, on the advice of my agent, am working on changing my blog to the new blogger address. The intent is that I will move all content from here to the new blogspot and that when you click here, you will get redirected immediately until such time as you all start relinking me at the new place.

EXCEPT, I am fairly technically savvy at times and inept at others. This is one of my inept times. I can't find anything to help me figure out how the heck I can keep all my blog features here and transfer them to the new blog. And I tried a redirect on the other blog and had some problems and now I'm afraid to redirect on this one cause ineptness has taken over my brain functions. SO I am putting out an SOS for help please.

So to all my technically brilliant buddies - please help me figure out how to do what I want to do and not screw up. I'll come up with amusing prizes if it all works out right! I might even let Da Man post one of his embarrassing expose stories about me that he has been DYING to spill and which I have rejected on pain of waxing his tenders.

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