Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ElloEarth Day!

I always find that my luck gets better as I approach my birthday. I’m not sure why. Perhaps in part because my parents would always say “Things always get better after Ellen’s birthday.” I guess I took it to heart, but it is a charm that I’ve been happy to have.

So this week, as we approached Ello Earth Day, little things have been making my days. Like for example, I drank nearly a whole carafe of delicious sangria by myself Saturday night but did not have a hangover the next day. Oldest’s poem won a national contest and will be published in a poetry book. I broke 50 listeners on and now have a shiny star on my picture. My two posts at the Enchanted Inkpot have been well received. I was invited to come in and speak about writing to the entire second grade at Angus’s school. The last dozen Krispy Kremes I ate went to my chest instead of my ass in a discernible difference only I can see. I dyed my hair and managed to cover all of my gray instead of leaving streaks like I usually do, or staining my ears and forehead with attractive black spots that looks like dirt for several days.

And today I went to buy a pair of jeans and the earth, in honor of ElloEarth Day, stopped revolving for the 10 minutes it took to me to try on and buy a pair of size 8 jeans. Oh my gosh. I haven’t fit into a size 8 since before Oldest was born! And for all my tall friends who remind me that size 10 is not big. Keep in mind I’m only 5’3” so fitting into an 8 is just about right for me! And I did it all on the Krispy Kreme diet! At least for today, as tomorrow I’ll put on the size 8 and my ass will burst out of the back pockets like a squashed tomato oozing out of its skin.

So today as I was driving Youngest to school, there was a torrential downpour. Then it hailed and sleeted and hailed again before another torrential downpour. But when I got out of the car to take Youngest into school, it stopped raining. Rub me, for today I am good luck. But the nicest part of ElloEarth Day has been opening my email yesterday and today and seeing the outpouring of birthday wishes I’ve received on my blog, facebook, my Enchanted Inkpot yahoo group board, and twitter. I am verclempt. I admit it. I got teary eyed. Thank you everyone. You all are so awesome!

But what about Da Man, you ask. He is not having such a good day. Last night I got mad at him. We were at the mall with the kids and he hands me his credit card and says “Why don’t you go down to the Apple store and buy yourself your birthday present.” To which I responded, “You lazy bastard. I tell you exactly what to get me and you’re too lazy to go and get it?” I should have gone down to the jewelry store and bought myself my diamond ring but I didn’t want to be embarrassed when his card gets declined so I just huffed away.

In return for his careless disregard of the power of ElloEarth Day, apparently this morning Da Man got a $100 ticket for making an illegal right turn. And the woman cop was mean to him. He was also out of gas and late for work. While he was getting gas, he got rained on with that torrential downpour I mentioned earlier that missed me. He then raced to the metro parking lot only to find that there were no more parking spaces and he had to wait around til 10:00 for one of the reserved spots to open up, making him really late for work. As he walked out of the parking lot and into the metro, he got rained upon again. He’s in a pretty foul mood today. Poor guy. But I bet none of that would have happened if only he had bought me my diamond ring, or at least had made the effort of buying my ipod nano in blue and handed it over this morning as was expected but which did not happen.Oh well, sucks to be him.

But apparently he’s hired a babysitter for tonight and is taking me out to Morton’s for a steak dinner. Red meat usually makes me happy. He may redeem himself just yet. Tune in tomorrow for the next episode of As the ElloEarth Turns.


Anonymous said...

First of all Happy Birthday.

Second of all, with great power comes great responsibility. Please don't user your special Ello Earth Day powers against me!

Good for you for all the good stuff that happened on your birthday. You deserve it.

Angela Williams Duea said...

I could use some Ello good luck! And apparently your husband must redeem himself tonight. Happy birthday!

out of the wordwork said...

I swear to God, we must be living parallel lives - our husbands sound like clones. And MY hubby even got a 110 dollar ticket plus three points off his license for making and illegal LEFT turn last week. Weird.
But have a wonderful dinner tonight - I'm sure Da Man will redeem himself. A well fed wife (especially if the dinner is cooked by someone else) is a happy wife.

Travis Erwin said...

Heck, if he buys me a steak, I'll go home with him.

Aniket Thakkar said...

A very happy Birthday once again!

And may whatever you eat goes in the places you desire over the coming year. :-)

I could use some Ello charm too. Having a series of unfortunate events myself. I am even ready to give you an I-Pod for it, for I Love Barter system. Life was much simpler in the stone age. :-)

You have a great evening and a lovely dinner. I am still betting that Da man will surprise you.

PS: Congrats for Oldest's poem getting selected. Its in the genes! :-D

Kelly Polark said...

Yay for your Oldest on her poetry!!!!!!
Congrats on size 8!
It sounds like a GREAT birthday week! Enjoy your birthday dinner at Morton's. I hope Da Man's steak isn't burnt!

Christina Farley said...

Oh Happy Birthday! I have this feeling this year is full of blessings!

And I am defintely going to have to try out that Krispy Kreme diet. We've got them here in Seoul and they are yum yum. Hmmm... maybe I should start today.

Kimbra Kasch said...

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday To YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ELLEN, Happy Birthday to YOU!

Be glad that wasn't audio - be very, very glad.

Rena Jones said...

"At least for today, as tomorrow I’ll put on the size 8 and my ass will burst out of the back pockets like a squashed tomato oozing out of its skin.

OMG -- LMAO @ that one!

Lauren said...

Happy birthday! I hope you have/had a great day and have a super great year :)

I'm glad that you are having good luck. Although sometimes I think that good luck happens when you are looking for it. Well, you notice it more and feel more lucky when you are looking for it :)

laughingwolf said...

belated happy b'day, dear ello :D

hope it was grand!

Sarah Hina said...

Yay for Oldest!! That is so, so awesome, Ell. You must be bursting like a tomato with pride!! :P

I'm glad you've been on a good streak. And of course, I want an update about that dinner. ;)

JenniferWriter said...

I love this post. It has officially made my night and now I must read your blog regularly. Happy late birthday!!

Color Online said...

You are hilarious! I'm definitely going to be a regular. And don't be confused. Yes, I'm a brown Sybil. I forget sometimes which account I've signed into.


Vesper said...

Ello, all the best and manny happy returns of the day!


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