Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Funny Things My Mom Says - Part 3

I used to date a boy that worked in a pizza parlor.

Mom: Who are you going out with?

Me: Tom

Mom: Pizza boy?

Me (annoyed): At least he's Korean American. Dad threatened to disown me if I didn't date a Korean boy.

Mom: Yes. (long pause) But he's a pizza boy. Why can't you go out with a doctor or a lawyer or ... Well, a doctor or a lawyer.

Me: Sheesh, you're so prejudiced!

Mom: That's not true! I said a lawyer is ok! And you know everyone hates lawyers!

Me: Nice to know how you really feel about lawyers. (I was in law school at the time.)

Mom: They are an unnecessary evil.

Me: Uhhhhhhh, never mind.

Mom: You should have been a doctor.


moonrat said...

hahahaha what made you think of this last night at midnight?

i want pizza now.

Danette Vigilante said...

Hahaha! Thanks for never letting me down!

And yeah, pizza sounds good even though it's only 8:20 in the morning.

Pizza, any time, any place that's my motto.

Kelly Polark said...

Did you get free pizza when you dated the pizza boy? I'd say that's a pretty good perk!

Nandini said...

Bet Tom was only a pizza boy part time while waiting to get into law/med school. Either that, or he had a very unhappy Korean-American Mom!

JaneyV said...

I'm just running through my head what kind of doctor you'd have been.

I keep hearing: "Stop moaning. Take your medication and come back if you're not dead."

I think I'm channelling your Mom...

Laurel said...

Too funny! I think it makes great sense to date someone who works in the restaurant industry while you're still in school. Cheap food!

Mary Witzl said...

I'll bet if Tom had bribed your mom with pizza, he might have managed to turn her. Hey, it would work for me!

Way back when, my father came to visit me in Tokyo. I was working at the British Council, and very proud of the fact that I was teaching Vietnamese and Italian students in addition to Japanese, and having just passed the Japanese Proficiency Exam at the highest level. My father brought me right down off my high horse. He started badgering me about when I was going to learn Vietnamese and Italian.

cindy said...

if you can't be a doctor you should marry one. haha!

Lana Gramlich said...

Maybe it's just me, but I find that a bit more sad than funny.

Vijaya said...

I've heard of necessary evils, but never the unnecessary ones! LOL!

Your mom and mine would've gotten along just great. Oh, wait, we're not Korean ... I swear I heard the words "doctor and lawyer" many times growing up.

prashant said...

I'd say that's a pretty good perk!

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