Friday, February 25, 2011

The Kimchi Chronicles

Talk about a documentary series that I'm already in love with! The Kimchi Chronicles is all about Korean cuisine and will air on PBS this summer. I'm really excited to show you guys this teaser. What I love about this promo is that the world famous 3 star Michelin chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, makes his own version of a kimchee, pork and seaweed stew that is essentially Korean peasant food. How awesome is that? But the real queen of making kimchi stew is actually...Me. Oh yes. It's true. I make the best kimchi stew (kimchi jigae) on the east coast. My Mom, who is the most amazing cook in the world and whom Da Man would have to grudgingly admit is a better cook than his own mom, has bowed down to my kimchi stew making mad skills.

But the series is more than kimchi. It's Korean cuisine shown through the eyes of a Korean American learning about her cultural roots. This is something I hope to do myself, possibly next year. That alone makes this a must see for the entire Oh household.

Oh and the wonderful Christy Farley has an interview and contest up at her blog. I have to link because it is a beautiful Korean purse so please check it out and enter!


Charles Gramlich said...

if it's about food I might watch it.

JJ said...

I eat kongchi kimchi chigae because I don't eat red meat or poultry. And I thought the pork version smelled intense. Phew! I would love to cook kimchi chigae in my apartment, but I am wary of my neighbors asking what died in my kitchen.

I made soondubu chigae last night for dinner! Except I cheated and made it from a package. :)

AvDB said...

May I please come eat at your house? I've never had kimchi stew, but I love kimchi and I love stews, so it stands to reason I would instantly bow to your mad cooking skills as well.

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

The good thing about being in a townhouse is I can really air out my cooking! And kimchi jigae is seriously stinky to cook but man so good to eat!

I would make kimchi jigae for anyone who asked!! ;o)

Richard Levangie said...

If we have a working television by the summer, we'll most certainly watch.

I love kimchi, but I've never had kimchi stew. We have a fairly wide variety of Asian restaurants in Halifax, but the Korean community is still small, and the only restaurants that serve Korean are the ones that do the Japanese-Korean-BBQ mélange. Which doesn't mean they're bad. It just makes me wary.

In my MG adventure, food features prominently as Jacob learns to cook Vietnamese food, first with a university student, and then with the old lady he nearly killed. When I started setting it up, early readers didn't think it would work, but grew to love the scenes.

Candace said...

Mm, I love kimchi jigae! I like the way my mom makes it. It stinks up the apartment but it's delicious!

Thanks for posting about this show! If I can remember, I'll be tuning in to watch it when it begins! I've always wanted to know a bit more about my heritage. I wasn't too fond of being forced to give up my saturdays at korean school when I was a kid and I don't speak korean as much as I used to.

Jennifer said...

Aside from the delicious food, what I liked best about that preview was how happy it looked. The husband and wife were so supportive of each other and seemed to really enjoy themselves while cooking and taste testing. In a preview like that I was expecting them to show a time when they lose their tempers or fail miserably. Instead if was joyful and that was nice to see on a dreary winter morning!

Travis Erwin said...

All the Military guys I work with talk about Kimchi and the way it smells. I doubt I'd ever try it given my carnivorous taste buds.

Angela Ackerman said...

I know it's not at all the same, but my son loves the kimchi noodles you can buy at the grocery store. I bet he'd love to have the real thing!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

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