Sunday, May 8, 2011

I am Korean American

A while ago I was asked to post up a bio about myself on the "I am Korean American" website. This is a website which showcases normal, everyday Korean Americans and tells a little about what they are about. I thought it was a great idea and shot up a bio. Since then, I've met quite a few people who've reached out to me since my bio went up. And then I realized, I didn't actually blog about it. So here's a link to my bio.

If you are on facebook, please like the link. If you are on facebook and haven't friended me, please friend me (and let me know you are a blog buddy). And if you are a Korean American then please think of sending up your bio on I am Korean American.


Kimbra Kasch said...

I think it's important to remember your heritage. That's one thing I try to encourage in my children - their father's Danish roots and my mixture. :)

playbazaar said...

Satta king
i like this very much!!!!!

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