Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Funny Things My Kids Say - Part 50

Angus, the 9 yr old has decided that tattoos cannot be trusted. This is because my nephew was over the other day and since he was only wearing a tank top, his shoulder tattoo was on full display. Now this is a beautiful creation and when he was researching what he wanted last year, he talked it out with both his parents as well as me and Da Man. He wanted something that captured both his New Zealand roots as well as his Korean and American ones. The resulting tattoo is truly a work of art that he got done by a wonderful tattoo artist in New Zealand. But Angus is afraid of it. She somehow believes that tattoos are scary.

Me - Why are they scary?

Angus (looks at me like I'm crazy) - Do you know how they make a tattoo? They use a needle and the needle pokes paint into your skin! Your skin!!! That's crazy!

Me - Well they are definitely painful, but why are they scary?

Angus - Because they make you look scary.

Me - You think your cousin (N) looks scary now?

Angus nods vigorously.

Me - Remember your old favorite preschool teacher? She had a tattoo and you didn't think she was scary.

Angus - But her tattoo was of flowers and butterflies!

Me -  But what about Uncle Stu? You don't think his tattoo is scary, do you?

Angus - Uncle Stu is funny and awesome! That's why he's not scary.

Me - I'm confused.

Angus (sighs deeply) - Mom, don't you see? Ever since N got a tattoo, he isn't the same person anymore. He's changed. He's taller and has more muscles and grunts a lot and he even has a yucky beard cause he forgets to shave. And stupid girls all like him and write on his arms. He's not the same anymore and it's all because of the tattoo!

Me - Oh honey, it's not because of the tattoo, it's just because he's a grown up now.

Angus - Well, I don't want to grow up then! I don't want to change.

Me - That sounds good to me. Let's put off growing up for as long as we can.


Christina Farley said...

Cute. I love seeing the world from the perspective of kids!

Charles Gramlich said...

they poke paint into your skin with a needle. Nuff said, and accurate.

Rena Jones said...

Love this! I agree. I think we should all move to Neverland!

SzélsőFa said...

Angus is right, and smoking is puffing on burning leaves and it involves putting a rolled paper into your mouth - these things are so weird if you look at them with a fresh eye.

Tyhitia Green said...

LOL. I love it. :-D Tell Angus I still don't wanna grow up. :-/ LOL.

Whaaaa? I missed your contest. I've been gone from the net for a loooong time.

mp3players said...

That was so funny!!Have you watched videos at UTube Videos? It will tear your mouth and keeps your heart beating because you will laugh to death!lol

playbazaar said...

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i like this very much!!!!!

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