Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oppa Gangnum Style

I'm not gonna lie, this video made me laugh so hard. And it is surprisingly making the rounds. But I can't help but wonder if people are finding it as funny as I am given the language barrier. PSY is always hysterical, but this video of his is definitely his funniest.

The main chorus is Oppa Gangnam Style. What it means:

Gangnam is like the NYC Fifth Avenue of Seoul. It's the wealthy area of Seoul so Gangnam style is like being a Boozhee. You know, wealthy snob, etc.

Oppa means older brother but is also a term used by girls to call older guys they may be close to.

The video is him being this rich over the top guy who thinks he's all that with the ladies. Also - kind of a social commentary on how materialistic Koreans can be. But man is it funny. The dancing in the parking lot between the guy with the Beatle hairstyle in the yellow vinyl suit and PSY is enough to pee my pants.

Anyway - the ARC giveaway is still going on so don't forget to enter below!


JJ said...

PSY must be in the collective conscious or something, because I stumbled across this yesterday:

(It's kids dressed up as Legend of Korra characters recreating Gangnam Style, posted by the creator of said show on his Tumblr.)

I think PSY is kind of a genius, actually. I'm not big on Korean pop music, but I always appreciate what he does. Plus, I like funny guys, what can I say?

ShonnaMcNasby said...

Yep, just as funny. No need to understand a word. His body language says it all. :D Hahaha! Thank you for this.

Elsie Chapman said...

Ellen, Jes came home from work today talking about this, and I remembered you had this video up on your blog! Too funny!

Ameriie said...

So.Hilarious. Even my mom knew about it and broke it down for me lol. ^_^ He's been doing his thing in Korea for a long time, so I'm glad to see him getting mass exposure.

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