Monday, February 18, 2013

Authors and Bloggers!

Like I said in my earlier post, I've been so behind in blogging about events! But one of the best parts of the events I've gone to is meeting with authors and bloggers! And I even have a few pictures to share!

I went to Charlottesville, VA for an event with Jodi Meadows and Victoria Schwab. And while I don't have a photo with Jodi (I think she was hiding from me) I do have one with Victoria (who is as awesome in person as she is online) and James of BookChic who is seriously the nicest guy! He drove out in the snow to support all three of us and it was awesome to chat with him. There were several other readers who stopped by to talk with us and buy some books. And even though the snowstorm had kept the event low key, it was still a lovely time. 

And then I had the great pleasure of going to Hooray for Books for an event with the fabulous Megan Shepherd, Meagan Spooner, Lenore Appelhans, and Jodi Meadows. Once again the elusive Jodi is not to be found in a photo! This time it is my fault as the one I have with her I cannot share because as lovely as Jodi looks, I apparently ruined the shot! Oh well, one day Jodi and I will take a good picture together!! But my good friend Caroline Richmond was kind enough to take some photos for me! Here's Megan and I holding our books! It was awesome to see her as we've been talking for what seems like forever on line and yet this was our first time actually meeting in person! And seriously, Megan is brilliant. I know because I beta for her and she is BRILLIANT!!!

Here I am with Lenore Appelhans who had the most gorgeous Level 2 necklace that I loved! Level 2 is a book I've been dying to read and Lenore is just awesome and hysterically funny, btw.

For some reason I did not get a picture of Meagan Spooner either but since she is local I will hunt her down another day! And the always awesome James of Bookchic was here at the event. He drove from Lynchburg to attend! He is so great! Although he must be tired of getting bear hugged by me all the time!!

And another favorite part of my night was meeting with Vi who is not only a YA blogger, but she is a pediatric resident and a Mom of 2 beautiful girls! Honestly, I kind of worship her! Brilliant doctor and YA reader and Mom? She's so smart, yet down to earth and a reader and fan of YA books? Yep, I absolutely adore and admire her!

So that's a short and sweet recap highlighting some of my favorite moments of these events.


Charles Gramlich said...

Great folks it looks like. Sounds like you are having much fun.

strugglingwriter said...

Great recap.

I always enjoy your photos because you always have such a warm smile in them. I always notice this in photos because my main weekness is I cannot smile for photographs and look natural. It is my curse :)

Paul (

Vi Win Win said...

It was so freaking awesome meeting you Ellen! I adore you like no other! I loved our chat & thank you for sending me some swag. Hoping we run into each other again soon. Xoxo!

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Lenore Appelhans said...

So cool to meet you! Can I steal your picture?!

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