Wednesday, March 13, 2013


How much do I love this Kira drawing? It's by 13 year old Sharon and she did a phenomenal job! I can't get over how cute Kira is!!! I have say that receiving fan art is one of the absolute best parts of my job! I meet a lot of kids at school and library events and I love talking to them and hearing them say they loved Prophecy. It's literally music to my ears! But when someone takes the time to actually draw a piece of art based on Prophecy and send it to me? I think my heart grows 3 sizes larger because it feels like it's swelling in my chest. I'm in awe of their talent and I'm so touched that they would send me their art. It is just such an amazing feeling and I'm ever so grateful to them. Thank you Sharon! I love my little Kira anime girl!!


Charles Gramlich said...

That's very cool. Haven't had any kids draw any pictures of my stuff.

Vesper said...

Indeed a great drawing. Very cool!
I'm reading "Prophecy" right now and I find it also very cool. :-)

Kimbra Kasch said...

Love the orange eyes :D

playbazaar said...

Satta king
i like this blog post

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