Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Young Critics Club and Fan art!

Ok so I blogged earlier this year about going to meet this awesome kids book club called the YOUNG CRITICS CLUB at the Perrot Memorial Library in Greenwich, CT, that's been in existence for 30 years. It was one of the best experiences I've had as a new author and I just loved going up to CT and meeting the librarians and all the kids. So imagine my surprise and my happiness to receive an email letting me know that PROPHECY had been chosen a favorite book by the Young Critics! Here's the link where you can see what amazing company I'm in! I'm very honored and happy to be chosen by the Young Critics who are just an amazingly smart, bright, funny, well read group of kids! Thank you Young Critics!

I'm also going to share some amazing fan art that I've been sitting on lately! How cool is this job that I get fan art from kids? I just love this!!

Seriously, how gorgeous is all this? I just love getting fan art! I think I'm going to have to make a gallery page on my website for all of it!!


Natalie Aguirre said...

A big congrats, Ellen! Awesome your book was picked and that your fans are loving your book so much. Not surprised with your awesome book.

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