Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ellen Picass-Oh

Hi everyone! So I've not been blogging for a while because I am lame. And I'm going to be even lamer and recycle a blog post I did for the 13ers. But as I'm fairly sure no one saw it there, I feel justified as there was a lot of hard work involved, as you can see.

So this blog post is based off of a dare by my buddy Elsie Chapman. It's great if you are a fantastic artist, like all 3 of my kids. But not so great if you have problems drawing a straight line or a circle. Which would clearly be me. Knowing my inability to draw, Elsie dared me to draw my MC, Kira from Prophecy. And I foolishly took the challenge!

Here's my first attempt. It was important for me to make sure I was accurate by including the yellow eyes and a bow and arrow. The boots were just a special extra I did. But my youngest came by and berated me for drawing her naked. 

 So I gave her some clothes and a sword. But then apparently my middle daughter came by and asked me if I was drawing a sailor. Damn it, she is not a sailor! So my youngest said, put her on a horse!

 My oldest shows up because of the shrieks of laughter emanating from my room and she takes a look and says "why is she riding a platypus?" At this point, I decided to call it a night and loaded up my self-portrait.

They have now taken to calling me Mama Smurf.

And BTW - here's how real artists do it:

 Kira by our very own and extraordinarily talented Natalie Whipple.

Another Kira by the amazing Joni who blogs at Lace and Fog Authoress. 

From now on, I shall leave the art to the artists!!


Kimbra Kasch said...

You're an artist - your medium is just words...

Love the pics :D

Joni said...

I agree with the first comment about you're craft being words, though your artwork did entertain just the same. ^^

Gah! I love the detailing in Natalie Whipple's picture. The clouds and tiger… lovely.

Charles Gramlich said...

You look like a master compared to my artistic abilities.

Bish Denham said...

Great depictions by "real" artists. But I also like the simplicity of yours.

Mike Jung said...

You know this means I have to call you "Mama Smurf" the next time I see you, right?

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