Friday, October 24, 2014

WNDB Indiegogo Campaign!!! And Personal Appeal

Dear WNDB Supporter or future supporter:

You may have heard of We Need Diverse Books as the organization whose hashtag went viral back in May when we launched a campaign to share with the world why diverse books in literature matter. We were covered in many major news outlet from around the globe and the coverage shows no sign of slowing down.

Since then we’ve incorporated, and have new initiatives coming down the pipeline. Programs such as Diversity in the Classroom, The Walter Dean Myers grants and awards, our Educational kits and programs, and our Diversity Festival will directly impact diversity in children's literature.

These programs are all geared to make change happen. And we need your help! We’ve just launched an indiegogo campaign to help fund our goals. All donations are tax-deductible. Bonus: You can choose from a plethora of perks including original art prints, t-shirts, totes, agent critiques, dinner with top authors and more! Every dollar you donate goes directly into our programs. You can be the change. Let’s teach all of our children about empathy by sharing the Story of Us All. If you can't donate financially, that's okay too. We can still use your support to spread the message as widely as possible. Some ways you can help are:

  1. Please pass this message on to 5 or 10 folks who may be interested in supporting this campaign and buying a perk!
  2. Use Twibbon to add some WNDB flair to your avatar (
  3. Participate in our cue card contest by creating your own sign to emphasize why you #SupportWNDB, whether it’s for yourself, because of a family member, or because of a diverse book that changed your life. Use the templates we’ve created ( and submit pictures to our Tumblr. The photos with the most reblogs will win a WNDB prize pack. Make sure to tell your local librarian to participate as well—your local library could win a huge book donation prize!

We can't do it without you. Please join us and Support WNDB.

Ellen Oh, President 


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