Thursday, August 23, 2007

My daughter the 8 year old author

So I'm sure I am not alone in thinking my child is the smartest kid in the world. I mean what parent out there thinks "Boy that Junior of mine sure is an idiot, and ugly too!" Cause even if Junior ain't exactly Einstein, even though he might look like him, we, as parents, are gonna find the beauty in our children. At least, one would think.

I'm always amazed at how smart my children are and how they will surprise me with the things they say and do. Today is one of those days. My oldest daughter, who is 8, had made a little storybook out of multi-colored construction paper, beautifully illustrated in that special children's art way that always makes me smile. It was titled the "Flowerboy" and it is all about a little boy who always wanted to be a flowergirl but was told by adults that as a boy he couldn't be a flowergirl. So when his aunt gets married and he is made the ring bearer, he comes up with a funny scheme with the real flowergirl in order to make his wish come true. It was such a lovely story, it had such a wonderful message. It made me teary eyed and so proud to be her mother. I'm gonna have to find a way to get her book published, even if it is a vanity, because at 8 years of age, my daughter has reminded me why I love to read and write. In her I see myself, but better. She is a natural born storyteller. Must be in the genes!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story...see the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. I can't imagine how incredible that feeling must have been to have her show it to you. You inspired her to write a story too.

Can't wait to see the story published...and I know I will.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty impressive indeed.

But how did it end?! Don't leave us hanging!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joy! Thanks Paca! I love this little story. It ends with the flowerboy switching roles with the flowergirl and everyone being happy. I thought it was quite impressive but she has a very imaginative mind. She also has an animated comic strip she's been doing called the Superbabies save the day. If I an scan her pictures in one day I'll display her art work. It's real cute!

Anonymous said...

I love this story! And someday, maybe someone will ask her when she knew she was a writer and she will tell them the story of how proud her mom was of the story of Flowerboy! Support makes such a strong impression.

Anonymous said...

it is amazing the creativity of your eldest daughter. being so far away and not seeing her enough, i had no idea. i guess i know now and she does take after you (because you are one of the most creative writers out there that i know). it would be wonderful to see this story get printed.

Anonymous said...

Get her a blog, like my twin 8 yr old daughters Wimzy and Silver.

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