Friday, August 10, 2007

Pucca Love!

This is my children's favorite cartoon. A huge hit in Asia, this Korean animated series is only now making waves in the states. Pucca is a little girl with super strength who loves passionately a ninja boy. Just watching her chase and catch her little boyfriend is too cute. I'm going to change my profile picture from my daughter to Pucca. Recently read an article about posting pics of your kids on the net and how dangerous it might be. Knowing these reasons I had deliberately picked a cute picture of my youngest playing peek-a-boo, so that her face was concealed. But after reading Bernita's blog post over at "An Innocent A-Blog" (don't know how to link in a post yet - need to learn!), I've rethought it and am going to change it.
The internet has changed the world in so many ways. But one thing it has done for good and bad is the level of dissemination of information into the world. Once posted on the net, you will never know where your item could end up. The ramifications of that are troubling given that we do not live in a land of milk and cookies. After realizing how little control I would have over pictures of myself and my children, I decided that the best thing for me to do was not to post them at all. So I'm changing my avatar to something safe to keep my child's picture, albeit a hidden one, away from the unknown.


Anonymous said...

I've posted pictures of my kids before, and now I'm going to rethink it! This world is definitely scary. But through my blog, my family is able to keep in touch with my activities, too, and they love to look at our pictures. So I'm a bit torn.

Hey, have you thought about starting a blog dedicted to your writing? It could be fun! I know I've had a blast with mine. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa,would you consider doing a separate private blog that's password protected just for family and friends? That would help solve that problem. But if you take a look at Bernita's post, the one thing that really struck me is that you don't know who might rip pictures of your kids and use them inappropriately. The world can be a scary place!

I'm thinking about the writing blog and or seeing if I can incorporate it into this one since I tend to be quite lazy. Don't know how you maintain 2 blogs!

Anonymous said...

Good idea on the password protection. I'll have to look into that.

I don't post as often to my WW2 blog as to my other one, so it's not as overwhelming as it could be. But I have found so many great friends through my writing blog and learned SO much. The internet can be a blessing and a curse! ;-)

Anonymous said...

just always be careful with the internet. it's very scary what people can do on it especially if it involves children. i am glad that you had put a pic of your daughter covering her face but i am even more glad that you decided to change it completely.

Anonymous said...


I just had to leave a comment and thank you for sharing the Pucca Love. She is so adorable...

Hope that you all had a great retreat this past weekend. I'm almost halfway done with the draft novel...amazing. It gives me chills to see everything all together in one piece. So vivid.


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