Monday, July 13, 2009

And the Winners are...

This time Oldest demanded to handle the drawing. Since she loves this book, she felt it was only fitting that she picked the winners. We wrote all the names on little slips of paper which Oldest then folded into tiny squares. We had 2 drawings. The first drawing was a smaller group of entries for those people who had provided extra promotion for Grace's book. The prize for this drawing is Grace's book, a signed bookplate and a signed picture of Minli, the main character. Oldest put all the entries into a canvas bag and shook them hard. She then pulled out an entry and read out the name.

"Cindy Pon."

"Oh boy! I hope people don't think we rigged this drawing," I said.

"Why," Oldest asked.

"Because Cindy is a friend of mine."

"Well, that's who I pulled and that's who won!" Oldest said in a "don't argue with me manner."

"Yes, ma'am." I said.

We then put all the names for the second drawing in the empty canvas bag. Oldest shook it extra hard and for a very long time.

"All right, I think that's enough," I said.

Oldest reached in and pulled out another piece of paper and read:

"Cindy Pon -- hey did you put her name back in?" she accused.

"Well anyone who promotes the book gets to be in both drawings. That's the rules for the contest. Funny how you picked her for both, huh? She was clearly meant to win this book! But pick someone else since she already won."

Oldest shook it even harder this time and read the new entry:

"March to the Sea. What kind of name is March to the Sea anyway?"

"That's his blogger name, silly. Like mine is Ello"

"How are you going to send a prize to a person who you don't know their real name? That's sort of fishy to me..."

"Well I know his name and he will email me his address."

"Oh ok, well tell Cindy and March man congratulations from me since I chose them."

So congratulations, Cindy and March to the Sea from Oldest and me! Thank you everyone for participating in the contest! And a special thanks to Oldest for making sure it was a completely fair and amusing drawing.

PS - I couldn't help myself and I sent in my entry to Jason's fantastic writing contest. The contest is open til this Wednesday and there are great prizes! My entry is here. Please let me know what you think. I always love to hear all of your thoughts and comments!


Vijaya said...

Cindy got pulled twice?!!? That's karma. Congrats to Cindy and March.

That was a powerful entry, Ello.

Kimbra Kasch said...

Maybe I need to rig the next contest - let me start early. . .

What is Oldest's favorite candy?

Sylvia said...

I think Kim has the right idea.

Your submission for the In Vino Veritas is AWESOME. A full story in such a tight space and the sad repetition of a seemingly triviality (but damnit, if nothing else, he should at least get his sake). So sad. Loved it.

Spy Scribbler said...

That is funny! I like that, "March man." I have to figure out who this march man is. Sounds like a blogger I need to be reading! :-)

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

THanks everyone!

Kim - Oldest is too rules rigid to ever take a bribe. That girl won't even tell a white lie!!!

Vijaya and Sylvia - Thanks for your kind words! I'm so glad you liked my entry.

Natasha - Good to see you! March to the sea is right on my blog roll! Please do check him out!

laughingwolf said...

grats cindy and march [madness]! ;)

your entry is one of the better ones, el :)

Anonymous said...

hi everyone! IT"S MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I pulled the winners so guess who? SUMMER IS HERE!(oldest) I'M AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March2theSea said...

YESSSSSSSSSS!!! I won! Awesomee!!

Oh to answer "what kind of name is March to the Sea". When i was creating my blog I was listening to music (shocker) and the song "March to the Sea" was on by the Chicago band "Pelican". makes little all I guess..but that is the deal

Precie said...

LOL! Congratulations to the winners!

And your CoN entry is wonderful!

Tyhitia Green said...

Wow. Congratulations, Cindy and March! :-)

Ello, did you get to see what I won on my blog? And oh, check your e-mail!! :-P```

cindy said...

yay! (eldest, where to paypal your bribe? thanks!) ha! seriously tho, i
saw grace's book at the LB booth at ala and was admiring. i'm so thrilled to have won such fantastic prizes. congrats, grace!!

Laurel said...


Loved the CoN entry. I shortlisted it the second I read it and even with all of them in it's a standout.

Plus it makes me want some sake.


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