Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Demon's Lexicon Author Sarah Rees Brennan

Interview with the lovely and tremendously talented Sarah Rees Brennan over at the Inkpot by the famous, amazing, frighteningly smart, and world class celebrity interviewer - ahem - yours truly. (preens for a moment) Seriously, I had a blast interviewing Sarah because she is sweet and funny and just a lovely human being! Plus her book kicks ass!


So do take a gander at the interview and then go get her book! You won't be disappointed with either! And if you are disappointed for some strange reason, then feel free to blame it all on Da Man. Everything is always his fault, you know...


Rebecca Knight said...

Thanks for this :D. I was vascillating on whether or not to get this book because (and I feel shallow) of the cover art.

I know, I know. Bad me. I kept thinking "Clark from Smallville?"

Thanks for the great interview!

Charles Gramlich said...

It does look like Clark.

Unknown said...

Brilliant interview, Ello, and the book sounds like a must read!

Laurel said...

Fun interview. And ditto on Clark. I've had a Mrs. Robinson crush on him for YEARS.

Oddly enough, my WIP has a character who looks an awful lot like him, at least in my head ;)

DL will be my next purchase, I believe. Red Headed Stepchild will be coming home in the same bag.


Tyhitia Green said...

Oh, I have the book and cannot wait to read it! :-)

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