Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Winners! Winners! Winners!

The winner of the absolutely fabulous GEEKS, GIRLS AND SECRET IDENTITIES is...


Congratulations Stacy! I'm excited to share this fantastic book with you!

And now, the winners of the PROPHECY SWAG are:

Haley G
Yahong Chi
Danielle D
Alyssa Susanna
Kat C
Megan K
Nikki Wang
Van Pham

Thank you all for being so interested in PROPHECY and for helping spread the word!

So too all the winners, please email me your information at - and if you are an international winner, please help me out by giving me your address with the correct line breaks. I'm always so confused when writing out international addresses so the easier you make it for me, the faster it will all get out to you!


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