Thursday, October 9, 2014

King Bookmarks!

Now that I have Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, when do I have time for my old blog? Poor old blog. There are too many things to cross promote over too many platforms. If only I can feed them all into the blog! But at least I have something worthwhile to share on the old blog! With so many things going on with #WeNeedDiverseBooks, I forgot all about making bookmarks for King until I suddenly realized I had all of these events in September and got a reminder that I should be promoting King at them! With less than a week to make bookmarks, I was in a bit of a bind. My usual fantastic designer, Amber at MMSAI, was all booked up and unavailable (because she is fantastic and you need to get on her schedule asap because she is extremely popular!!). Fortunately for me, the wonderful Diana Sousa came to my rescue! Diana is the amazing web designer of the WNDB website. If you haven't seen it, check it out here it is brilliant!

And so she did me a big favor and made me these beautiful bookmarks for King! Look how gorgeous!

For more information about Diana,  here's her webpage. Diana is amazing and I can't recommend her highly enough!

I am so lucky to know such gifted and talented people!


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