Friday, July 24, 2009

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Summer is more than half over and my revisions aren't done. Since I took the summer off for this very reason, I am now kicking myself hard and vowing to focus myself. So that means, I gotta disappear for awhile.

I've not been around that much as it is, but now you may not see the little piggy at all for at least a month. If for some reason, piggy forgets and sneaks out into the blogosphere, please remind her that she will be turned into fried rind chips if she doesn't get her work done. Virtual kicks in the butt will be effective so don't let the piggy procrastinate.

School starts up at the end of August. I've got one more full month of summer to get it done! Wish me, and little piggy, luck! We're gonna need it!!!


Anonymous said...

"Virtual kicks in the butt will be effective so don't let the piggy procrastinate."

Why settle for "virtual?"

Just tell me exactly how'd you like her butt kicked, and I will execute it with precision (or at least with excessive force).

I'm also skilled in all variations of "butt kicking" so please don't be shy about requests, for example, for slaps upside the head or the ever popular head noogie.

Remember, this is a limited time offer, and special requests (e.g., wedgies) may require additinal fees. So act now and be the first to help the little piggy on her quest!

Da' Man

Precie said...

Good luck!

[said in best Bela Karoly voice] YOU CAN DO IT!

Unknown said...

Good luck! I'm totally in the same boat as you--but my school starts back mid-August!

JaneyV said...

LOL at Da'Man!

GO Piggy GO! You can do it Ellen. There's nothing like a bit of pressure to focus the mind.

I'd avoid wedgies though at all costs.

Kelly Polark said...

Get to it, Ellen!
We'll miss you on the blogosphere for now, but will love your book one day!

Mary Witzl said...

Okay -- if I see you out here anywhere, I'll scold you.

Um...I'm supposed to be doing something else myself, so please return the favor. We K-Americans have to stick together.

Cheryl Kauffman said...

Wish you the best! And you better not be on Facebook or Twitter either!

McKoala said...

Happy to unleash the Koala Claws on slack Piggies.

Get back to that keyboard, now!

Charles Gramlich said...

I actually did write pretty much all of the summer. So far. And am still behind. Sigh.

writtenwyrdd said...

I hope you get all your work done. Wish I could sit on that dock and work. That would be niiiice...

out of the wordwork said...

Go, Ello, Go! You will succeed!

Jennifer said...

Hi Ellen, I "know" you from the blueboard. Good luck with your revision!

Angie said...

Definitely luck. :D May you have lots of peace and quiet, and may your revisions go smoothly. [crossed fingers]


Aniket Thakkar said...

Great is my faith on you Ello.
Greater is my faith on Da'Man's butt kicking abilities.
Combined, its unshakable.

You shall surely succeed and you'll surely be missed.

May the force be with you!

Joy Wizziwa said...

You so have this...and you are going to get it done. I know you will...

Christina Farley said...

Girl, I totally am hearing you. With all the traveling I've been doing this summer, I've gotten NO WRITING DONE. Not good. Reading a lot though in the car so I guess that is something. And I think I've got another idea for a book (or two!).

Good luck with the revisions!

Rebecca Knight said...


Go, Ello, go, Ello, GO!


Good luck with your writing! Go kick some ass! :D

Christina Farley said...

Oh and by the way. YOU WON my Korean Robin Hood contest. I was so excited that you're name came up because I knew you really wanted the book.

And just like your contest, I swear it wasn't rigged!!! Ha!

laughingwolf said...

no kicks needed... 'sides, piggy's too cute!

as for el... :O lol

hope you get done what needs getting done... see ye on the flip-flop :)

Sarah Hina said...

Good luck, Ellen!!

I was kicking myself for not stopping by your fun house in awhile. It looks like I have impeccable timing. :P

Seriously, I hope you knock it out of the park!! Go, little piggy, go!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Da' Man,

It seems that Ello's blogging buddies are loyal to the core and would prefer words of encouragement in lieu of any real corporal motivation.

So let me break up the monotony and request a swift kick to the rear next time you find her slacking.


Tyhitia Green said...

I will be giving you virtual kicks in the butt as well. I need them too. ;-)

Kappa no He said...

Good luck! I hope you're making great progress. Will see you soon, then.


Caryn Caldwell said...

Hope it's going well! Revisions can be a pain but they're so worth it. May your writing sparkle.

Danette Haworth said...


You can do it! It is SO hard to keep up with everything else when you're working so hard to produce. I've been absent for the same reason.

Carry on, dude! Good luck!

Whirlochre said...

Disappear till I'm reduced to a rabid Ello-mad husk of dust, you manuscript-loving harridan —!

Vivian Mahoney said...

Good luck! I know your pain too well. Wishing you good revision karma. Here's to both of us finishing our revisions this summer!

Robin said...

Hi Ello! I dropped in to say "hi" and now you're gone. Somehow, this feels like a metaphor of my life. Just kidding. A metaphor for my life would be more like a squirrel pooping in a little squirrelly toilet.

Good luck on your projects!!!

Steve Malley said...


You can do it!!!!


J. L. Krueger said...


Sure, just when I try to get back into visiting my buddies, you check out! Timing is everything, eh?

Well, I guess I'll use the time to catch up on the posts I've missed while I've been "checked out." :)

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