Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random Funny Things My Kids Say - Part 33

Angus and Youngest were goofing around the other day while Oldest just listened to them and shook her head. I came over and heard the following:

Youngest: Angussayzwhat?

Angus: What?

Hysterical laughter.

Angus: Youngestsayzwhat?

Youngest: What?

More hysterical laughter.

Me: What are you doing?

Angus (still laughing): Mommy said what...

Still laughing.

Me (thinking they are weird): You kids are doing it all wrong. You have to use an insult and then say what. Not your name!

Angus: huh?

Me: Like "Losersayzwhat?" And then say "What?"

Angus: Oh - LIke Stinkybuttsayz... (pauses with a curious look on her face)

Me: What?

Angus and Youngest shriek with laughter: Ha Ha! Mommy's a stinky butt!

Only then did I realize that this was an elaborate scheme just to get me to say "what." Clever girls. Oh they got me good.


Jacqui said...

Evil geniuses, the two of them.

Anonymous said...

Aaaah . . . the students have surpassed the master.

Da' Man

Vivian Mahoney said...


laughingwolf said...

better a stinkybutt than what comes later :O lol

JR's Thumbprints said...

You need to teach'em the chip dip trick for parties. With a little gob of chip dip in their hands they should go around to all the guests and greet them with a handshake. It'll be a hoot.

Rena Jones said...


Aniket Thakkar said...

Can I approach them to be my partners in my evil plans of world domination. Its a tough job and could seriously use their help. :)

You should totally publish this series...Honestly it'll be best seller for sure. You'll be a millionare. Think about it. :D

Leigh Russell said...

Hilarious. I agree with Aniket. You should publish a collection of your kids' conversations.
You may remember, you asked me a while ago to let you know when my book finally came out. So I'm letting you know: Cut Short launched last month and so far so good, it's doing really well. I hope you read it and visit my blog to let me have your comments.

Barrie said...

My kids often get me. It's sad what an easy mark I've become. :)

Mary Witzl said...

Do what I do, Ello: look smug, as though you fell for the joke just to please them. I've gotten away with this on numerous occasions, with my two. Does wonders for your self esteem.

Charles Gramlich said...

Your "clever girls" comment makes me think of Jurassic park when the hunter faces the raptor who's tricked him and says, "clever girl." Then he got eaten.

Precie said...

Those girls are dangerous! Riotously funny, but dangerous! :)

Tyhitia Green said...

Yeah, they got you!! LMAO! :-D

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