Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Website is Up!!!

Thanks to Virginia Allyn, the incredibly talented illustrator extraordinaire, who illustrated my beautiful map and icons of the Seven Kingdoms. If you want to see how incredible her work is click here. I love her moon and star painting.

Thanks also to Cindy Pon, my agency sister, who showed me the way to designing a beautiful website. Unfortunately because I am not as tech savvy as she is, it took me a ridiculous number of hours to get my website ready.

So please pop by when you have a moment.

And then click back to my blog and leave me your thoughts, comments, questions, improvements, etc.

Thanks for giving it a look!


Anonymous said...

It's beautifulllllllll!!!!! I love it, and I can't wait to read more about the Seven Kingdoms!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Precie! I was a bit nervous about it but I think it came out well.

Anonymous said...

The site is stunning. If I had any complaint it might be that it is a tad slow loading but it is very elegant and professional.

Way to go.

Anonymous said...

so beautiful! i'm so happy and proud of you, ell! you did a great job! and i think yours is more complicated than my site, so no wonder you had to put more hours into it! i want to redesign mine now! =D CONGRATS!!

Anonymous said...

Very nicely set up. Looks like it'll be easy to expand as needed. The moving around tasks are nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Just an awesome website - functional and beautiful.

However, it should probably give more details regarding your spouse.

He sounds amazingly supportive, and I imagine he is one of your most trusted critics of your writing.

Surely, people who stop by your website would want to know more about him, his dreams, his love of literature, and how he dispenses great advice to you on your writing and on life in general.

Remember, behind every great (married) author, is a great spouse.

Da' Man

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous website!!! The photos, the paintings, just beautiful!
And give some props to the hubby, man! :0)

Anonymous said...

How profesh! It's gorgeous! Not only is it stunning but it's so informative as well. I loved the extract and the book description is really compulsive. I can't wait for Seven Kingdoms to be on the shelves.

The images are exquisite as well - Korea is a very beautiful country.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, Ell!!!! I'm sooo proud of you!

One thing, always the critic:

In the 'about section' a few paragraphs down, you have:

But little did I know that I would no longer be a liar for much longer.

I know, how much do I suck? I thought you might want to tweak it though.

Otherwise, the graphics are beautiful and the layout is very elegant. If I had one request, I'd like to see a better author's photo - not that I don't like this one, but we'd all love to see your face... maybe one with da man to make him feel better, too:-)

Anonymous said...


Did you do that site yourself? Amazing! You must have some experience building websites, right? If not, double amazing.

:) Tameka

Anonymous said...

Exquisitely tranquil, Ello, one could stay there all day.

Anonymous said...

Awww Larramie, what a divine compliment! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone! I'm feeling mighty pleased with myself!

Travis - I'm sorry it is slow but sometimes it has more to do with the network you are on and sometimes with traffic. On my own home computer it can vary between coming up immediately and taking a moment to load. It is so weird.

Cindy - Yours is stunning! Don't touch it! I don't think mine was more complicated - I think I was more computer illiterate! ;o)

Charles - thanks! functionality was key!

Da Man is owed mucho props for being a great great support!

Kelly - Thanks so much! I know! I have to be nicer to the hubby! Maybe I'll cook him dinner for once! ;o)

Janey - oooooh, you made me happy! I hope one day it will be out!

Merry - Thank you so much! I wrote all that copy bleery eyed in the middle of the night so I am going to have tweaking but I couldn't see it anymore! I'll fix that! And I'm so glad you like it!

Tameka - Thank you thank you! But I have to tell you I am competely computer illiterate! Even websites for dummies would have been too advanced for me! Luckily Cindy told me about a wonderful company called = they specialize in websites for photographers and artists but I knew I wanted to use lots of images of Korea so their website was perfect for me. Even better, I got this website tempate on sale!!!! I'm a lucky pig! The website template was very easy to manage but still caused me mucho angst and stress. However, the end result is very worth it I think.

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed. I haven't had time to go through all the content (I will do over the next day or so), but it's very smooth and attractive. And the aesthetics don't get in the way of functionality, which can be a common pitfall. I'll email you some other thoughts.

Anonymous said...

All right, you know I'm your biggest (ish) fan and have already started a fan club in Denver for you and absolutely cannot wait to read this book.


I could tell you'd written the "about me" part whilst sleepy, or drunk, or busy chasing sweet Ello-lettes. It - well, it needs some revising. I'm happy to share further thoughts if you wish.

Um, I didn't like having to scroll quite so much through the text. There's lots of space, but the text is all in such a narrow, teeny little space - could you expand the boxes a bit? Or a lotta bit?

Also, it should probably be justified alignment, since right now it's a little googly all over the place.

You're welcome to stop speaking to me; I'm sorry for coming across like a b!tch.

Anonymous said...

very nice new site, ello... and virginia is super! :)

Anonymous said...

It. Looks. Awwwwwwesome. Congrats! (And very funny that our sites went live on the same day!)
So much more understated and professional than mine! But--hey, I bet you are much more understated and professional than I am anyway!

I'll have to figure out how to change your link on my blogroll. It may take a while since I don't really understand how to operate this damn thing yet. Congrats, again! It's really a lovely site.

Anonymous said...

This looks great. It's exciting without being overly flashy and straightforward to navigate.

Hope it all goes well.

Anonymous said...

awesome..congrats on moving forward!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. The only thing missing is: "In stores now." I hope that's something you'll be able to fix soon.

Congrats on a stunning site.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures on your website, they are really beautiful. I'm not much of a reader, but your upcoming trilogy sounds very unique and adventurous. I will definitely look forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

Ohmigawd, Ellen, it is GORGEOUS!!!!! I think it's the most gorgeous website I've seen in a year!

Wow. Breathtaking.

And I love the pictures of Korea! I wanna go so bad I can't tell you!

Anonymous said...

That is one great site. It makes me want to redo mine. But the only people that ever go to my website are . . . well probably me and my husband

So, maybe one day soon - but not yet. I'll just keep visiting yours for inspiration, until the muse moves me off my tush.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for making me feel so good about the website!

Conduit - you are the master so do let me know what you think!

Aerin - thanks for pointing out my mess! I love you for it! Keep letting me know! Unfortunately I can't do anything about the size of the text box or the justification because this is really a photographer's website more than an author's website. But it's pretty at least!

Thanks Laughing wolf!

Colleen - I love your website and how funny was it that we went live the same time? Very cool!

Thank you WO! I'm glad it is easy to navigate!

March - Woo hoo! I feel like a professional some how!

John - thank you so much! For this I do pray!

Cheryl - I really hope that you will be able to read a published version of it someday also!

Spy - your reaction is exactly what I was hoping for!

Kim - where's your website? I want to visit! You know I'd love to see it!

Anonymous said...

woohooo!!!! WEBSITE!!!! =D

Anonymous said...

That is sure one pretty website.

Almost makes me wish I hadn't been drinking when I designed mine...

Anonymous said...

Eek -- I posted a comment yesterday and it never got published! I wonder what I'm doing wrong now... Great new website, Ello, though like Travis, I find that it is slow-loading. (But everything seems to move slower here, so maybe it's just me).

Still trying to get permanent internet access at home -- when we've gotten it, I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

I just stopped by the website. It is amazing, especially with the fade-ins of the map.

Anonymous said...

The look and feel of your website is terrific! I used to do design a long time ago. The trap many people fell into was trying to do too much. Yours strikes a nice balance.

Anonymous said...

Excellent website and the opening screen shots are incredibly vivid.

Anonymous said...

Lovely site and it was great to read about your book.

Paekche Rules!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm a few days late, but I LOVE YOUR website. Really cool learning more about you and your native homeland. The excerpt is enticing. Can't wait to read more...oh, well, I guess I have to wait.

I am sooo happy for you, Ello!

Anonymous said...

The site is terrific. It's gorgeous, clean, slick and easy to navigate. My only "complaint" was that I found it a little slow in loading in some places.

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